Essex Dent Repair

Cars get dings and dents from shopping trolleys and low impact accidents and until recently this has meant a trip to the body shop to get it repaired.  A new technique has been developed over recent years and it is now possible to get dents removed with out sanding, filling and re-painting.

This technique is called paintless dent repair (or PDR).  This can be achieved in a matter of hours providing the paint has not been damaged.  Most PDR companies are mobile and will visit you where ever your car is, at your home or office etc.

Paintless dent repair is a highly skilled profession which needs a lot of training and experience to perform a good job.  It is possible to buy PDR tools and do the job yourself but with out the training and experience it is unlikely you will do the job as well as the professionals.

If you have a dent in your vehicle drop us an email, preferably with a picture of your dent, and we can arrange a local expert to provide you with a quote.